The truth behind Priti Patel’s immigration records

The truth behind Priti Patel’s immigration records

Priti Sushil Patel, daughter of Ugandan-Indian migrants, turned UK Home Secretary, has been quick to weaponise her identity as a woman of colour, even stating in a party conference that “as the daughter of immigrants” she doesn’t need to listen to a metropolitan elite. But her record on immigration mirrors that of her far-right white allies and should make all immigrants ashamed.  

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Priti Patel is Brexiter

Priti Patel was a leading voice behind the Brexit vote and even argued in her book “Britannia Unchained” that British workers were amongst the laziest in the world, had little ambition and were uncultured.

In this book, she maintained that those from countries like India who held highly skilled jobs, such as doctors and engineers, should be welcomed with open arms but those of lower skills should not be.

Patel’s attack on asylum seekers

Priti Patel has a pretty nasty immigration record going as far as to actual voting in favour of detaining women simply because of their immigration status.

In 2015 and 2016 she voted to impose a ban on asylum seekers which would prevent them from gaining employment if their applications took over 6 months and to limit support for “failed” asylum seekers.

The crimes to the Windrush generation

In 2018, over 83 people, mostly from Caribbean countries, were wrongfully detained and deported. These individuals had come over legally as citizens of the British Commonwealth in the post-war era. These deportations have had long term harm on both the individuals as well as their family members.

Priti Patel backed the hostile immigration policies that lead to these deportations.

A hostile environment

Priti Patel is also known for her support of the 2014 and 2016 immigration changes which forced banks, employers and landlords and to conduct visa checks on applicants. This prevented many migrants with insecure status from claiming housing, gaining employment or opening a bank account.

Another pathway is possible

Britain’s immigration record has been pretty poor over the last few years; however, there is a better, more humane pathway.

Our immigration system must work in a compassionate and sensible manner. This means that we cannot detain pregnant women who will be suffering in detention. This means we must open our doors to those seeking refuge from the most horrific crimes. This means that our immigration system welcomes a wide range of different migrants, not simply the very wealthy who are permitted to buy their way in.